Parc de les Morisques

The Parc de les Morisques, also known as the Taula Rodona, has an area of ​​40,000 m² and is located in the very heart of MAS DURAN, a park structured with different spaces and corners along paths that run through the park.

A public park with a small lake with its fountain and a waterfall, which leads to a larger one, palm trees donated by the neighbors themselves, varied trees, children’s areas for different ages, a green energy gym, walks with wooden benches, and a wonderful amphitheater with a capacity for 500 people, …a set that is integrated into our buildings, creating a healthy and safe space for people.

A beautiful park in any season of the year, in wet years or drought years, you will always find peace and beauty.

For us, the concept of care at a personal, interpersonal and social level, between humans and their environment, is fundamental.

Let the senses be animated
for the beauty that surrounds you